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I'd rather the bottles be a flat graphic that i could roll a shopping cart over. also, if the other end of the aisle doesn't look like the end where you'd release the ball, then it should.

kgeiger's picture
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I agree with sneaky.
And then I would have liked to see a real bowling ball packed in the refrigerator display at the end of the aisle. ;)
But in any case it's a nice idea.

Bah!'s picture

It's so clearly fake it actually makes me ill.

daniel_glezmilan's picture
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Good idea, and also super fake.

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Las botellas difitultan el paso así que las patearía.

The bottles would make me hard to go through, so I would kick them.

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the best part... they put a 'results' section to make it look as though this was done before. liars.

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Guest commenter


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How does this tie into their nocturnal habits?

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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can you say... lawsuit? oh wait you're in Saudi. sue them they cut your balls off!

Arnold Santillan

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Guest commenter


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clever (2)

\\Graphic in every where.... look around you!\\

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I bet the guy in the picture is part of the agency's creative team...

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Guest commenter

hahahahaha! I'll sell my barrel of oil on that statement.

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OHS issue! All it takes is one person to not notice them and slip over... Not to mention it just plain gets in the way.

Cute idea, but not terribly practical.

I like the idea of the flat image. You could even make it one of those ones that looks like it's 3D from the other end of the aisle (but ends up being three metres long). That'd be much cooler and practical than "some idiot came by and put bottles in my way".

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And what happens when a customer mistakenly puts the bottles back on the shelf? Lol
Lame ass idea!

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there's no such thing as riyadh bowling stadium! wtf!

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nice idea, but very very bad execution...

First of all the prospective for "Saudi Bowling competition" is sooooo wrong... it is actually tilting right words. Then for bottles the had to print them following the same prospective as floor sticker not putting them like this on floor, its so disturbing. Lastly they should have used the background to look like part of bowling alley...

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I love this idea

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