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john doe
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I don't buy it... Sorry

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really innovative. i guess being in a car park doesn't cost much and cut across to different layers of audience. kudos.

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The copy needs some editing. The idea is on the creative path so keep on brainstorming.

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How is the weight of the chain keeping the cut-out upright?

Also, from my experience, if a parking spot is blocked, you keep driving until you find an open one. The chance of getting out to move a chain to park is not a big one. Too likely to have your car stolen that way! :) And even if I did remove the chain and park there, this ad reaches one car - that's it. Doesn't seem very effective.

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Wow. How many of the target would actually use this sort of chain-parking system? Five?

And it's bound to be vandalised. Lord I hope so.

It looks like work done just to win an award. I hope it doesn't.

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annoying for the consumer. maybe thats the point.....but i wouldnt like this.

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looks nice . but not effective.

to remove and put that parking chain back again, the car owner doesnt get down and does it himself. its the parking guard who does that.

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Audrius Kubrik
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sarvashikshaabhiyaan.com? innit a bit long and clumsy to remember? the site ain't working by the way... explain!

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wouldn't it be cheaper just to hire real kids rather than go to the bother of printing cutouts?

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Audrius Kubrik
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speaking of which...and, pardon me if i'm wrong, the kid doesn't look like a cut-out figure to me. it looks like it's been photoshopped onto the picture.

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The above mentioned creative team should go and attend some photoshop classes from Adobe. Or pick up an IDIOT GUIDE TO PHOTOSHOP at the nearby bookstore.

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maybe if they were used at mass parking lots like train stations or amusement parks, and the driver returned to find it in place

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What a load of shit! So every driver is going to put the chain back on the girl. My arse!

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why all the scam almost comes from India?

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weird. where is this girl placed? If she's at a random mall that has nothing to do with education, then the campaign is ineffective and poorly executed. Is this a print ad? If so, the copy needs to be re-written. Interesting concept and message, but strange execution.

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Good lord! What crap!

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