Samsonite: GPS Tracker

Samsonite Tracker. The new G.P.S Incorporated Luggage.

Advertising Schoo: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Director: Daniel Garcia
Copywriter: Mariana Rodrigues

June 2011


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The first GPS luggage? Come on. Have you googled it? Do your homework next time.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Well it is going strongly with the traditional narcissistic hunger of advertisers to label ideas 'world's first' ;p

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GPS needs a good view of the sky in order to work. It doesn't work inside buildings. It doesn't work inside the cargo compartment of airplanes. It doesn't work in a pile of baggage.
GPS simply gives the device a location, you need something else to communicate that information elsewhere. That something else is a radio transmitter that certainly won't pass FAA muster. <---this is a GPS for suitcases, but it doesn´t work correctly

Another impossible campaign by Miami Ad School.

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Come on.. The first?

no no no.

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Love it.

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Wow...they use a GPS on iphone ! So smart !!

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I think there's a general mistake here: This is a product not an ad.

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if you got an iphone, you got a gps, if you got a gps, you got a samsonite !

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