Saks Fifth Avenue: 3D Holiday windows

Saks’ new 3D Holiday windows which were unveiled yesterday at Saks’ Fifth Avenue building in New York. The windows use the new creative technology of video-mapping, where a 3D projection appears to change the features of the building itself, and are a world–first in terms of size and scale for this new form of advertising.

Advertising Agency: Iris, USA


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While I'm sure sales of snowflakes and bubbles will go skyrocketing, this is possibly the worst waste of a canvas I've seen since I ran out of toilet paper in an artist's studio. Enlighten me as to what's being sold here apart from the whimsical skills of the agency with time and money on their hands?

Take a lesson from the Ralph Lauren spot here http://www.polkadot.it/2010/11/15/ralph-lauren-video-mapping

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At the very least it definitely draws attention to the store. That Ralph Lauren video mapping blows it out of the water though. It's so immersive! I can't wait to see this technology mature.

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Looks great. But I'm not sure if this qualifies as advertising or rather ambient lighting.

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Its a great single store promotional stunt at best. I'm sure its generating an ample amount of buzz around the city but it will come up short for any advertising value.

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This is so Great!, i wish i could be there.

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We've seen much better light displays.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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no idea here. just dancing lights. where's the "ad" in this?

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Good stuff, an easy way to gain some attention. Saks doesn't need to pitch anything on the side of their building to tourists, they have a specific clientele so this is really just to bring the brand to the top of people's minds for a brief moment before the holidays.

It's not always about an ad with a pitch and a product. Go read a branding book sometime.

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Sure gets attention

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".....a world–first in terms of size and scale for this new form of advertising...." :DDD SORRYY, GAYZZ.


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Looks boring, perhaps the camera angle is wrong, so it is hard to see 3d. And they are not exactly first in the world using this in advertising, I recently saw Samsung using it (which looked way better IMO, here`s a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6An9fkKxqk )

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Cute and festive. Sure to get the attention of the walkbyers - and a positive reaction.

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Very nice! I could stand in front of the store for hours. Should say "come on in" at some point.

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projection mapping is all the rage. everyone is doing it. So you have to take it to the next level.
This idea is still in the basement.
Sorry, but I expected more.

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