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The wine bottle's better than the others.

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wait... you wouldn't only break the rope, you would break his back!
furthermore i've seen this kind of idea at least 5 to 10 times in germany...

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"look at this tormented prisoner and enjoy your meal!"

it takes a lot of balls to do something like this in your restaurant, kudos to those who participated.

certainly a strong, eye-catching stunt, i think the idea of tearing apart one half is taking it too far. sure, it liberates the prisoner, but as pete said it also cuts this poor guy into halves. doesn't really work for me.

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i wonder how the response was. at first i was going to write that i don't want to feel guilty while i'm eating in a nice restaurant, because i have every right to enjoy myself while i can. but then i felt guilty for the luxuries i'm afforded, and also because of how ignorant and complacent i can be. shame on me. i do support amnesty international, so if this creates awareness, then i say great.

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seen from my personal, private POV i think you were right.

it's part of our culture to feel guilty and to question if we deserve what we have.
the NGO industry is today's sale of indulgences - donate and feel less guilty for a couple of days (not saying that none of them are doing a good job!)

but we need a break from time to time. it doesn't make the world a better place if we were crying all day long, and suffering of gastric ulcers.

seen from the professional POV, this is great, as you said. it aims at our weak point, first we feel insulted and then the mechanism starts working and we switch to liking it (because we want to be good human beings).

now i feel guilty. guilty of sounding like a nihilist. guilty of straying a bit off the topic. guilty guilty guilty.

anyway, i assure you: you have every right to enjoy yourself and life :D

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as usual, you provide further eloquent comments. i will refocus my guilt into positive actions,
and will allow indulgences and enjoyment.

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embrase good wine...

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the same people who murder bulls and call it a sport.

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