Rodney District Council: The kids you kill never leave you

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Art Director: Rebecca Johnson-Pond & Kimberley Ragan
Copywriter: Kimberley Ragan & Rebecca Johnson-Pond
Photographer: Mat Baker
Agency Producer: Paul Courtney
Designer: Brent Courtney
Account Director: Scott Coldham
Senior Account Manager: Janelle Van Wonderen
DOP/Photographer: Phil Newman, Gemma Heyes
Editor: Aliesha Staples
Released: July 2008


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is this TVC or guerilla?

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I think guerilla.

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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Crisp One
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that term is thrown around too loosely, cant we just call it unconventional.

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Pretty poor. Weepy song and a low res bodged on picture of a girl isn't very strong. I love gorillas.

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"when you kill a child on the road, that image never leaves you". it comes back to haunt you in the shape of a low budget cardboard dummy. very disturbing indeed.

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If it's guerilla that it's brillent. If from the moment I leave for my office in the morning till the end of the day I see the same girl's picture plastered in dozen places, I will get the right message. Good job :)

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very ouch

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This is great.


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This should be used in Bulgaria. Here the drivers are monsters who need such guerilla ads.
Very good! Well done!

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slow... long.would've said the same thing and been as appealing (or not) if it were half as long. plus, if a person has heart enough to let something like this touch him, he wouldn't be on a child killing spree anyway.

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Not a bad idea, but I'm not what was written on the creative brief.

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Guest commenter

Yes. I too have seen that TV ad before. This is exactly the same idea but done in guerilla.

The original won at big award shows I think. But I don't think this would though.

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Guest commenter

What is the song of this Add?! Please!

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Guest commenter

What is the Song of this add?

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it's Mad World by Gary Jules

originally Tears for Fears.

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put it in a jail cell with the driver who hit it and stop making the rest of us feel guilty. the average member of the public hates this kind of advertising - just more gore from NZ road safety

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Saw this a month or so ago on this blog:

So three times it's been done recently, wonder which was first.

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Very good...

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Hellraiser Freak
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Think! did an advert like his called "kill yor speed or live wih it." and Australia did one a few years before that called "Haunted"

They should have done a better job on this one.

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