Rodenstock Eyewear: Giant banana peel

A sculpture made by the Berlin artist Stefan von Essen which looks like a giant bana peel, was set in various shopping malls. Wearing bifocal glasses by Rodenstock you can’t overlook a slippery banana peel on the street.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, München/Hamburg, Germany
Creative directors: Ekki Frenkler, Bernd Huesmann, Sabine Brugge
Art Directors: Sandra Loibl, Sybille Stempel
Copywriter: Thorsten Voigt
Sculpture-Design: Stefan von Essen
Photographie: Henning Maier-Jantzen
Account Executive: Bianca Becher
Released: November 2006


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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Good to know, it'll keep you safe from banana skins.


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• ω •
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hmmm..seems like this Stefan von Essen is getting lotsa ad attn lately with his stuff..his silicon fibre works reminds me alot of Ron Mueck's..

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focus group
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Good looking, but wrong. You actually see the banana this big without Rodenstock glasses. Sorry,

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it's like a product demo. with rodenstock glasses you won't overlook these kind of dangers anymore.

i like it.

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isn't it abit farfetched? i rather it to be comedy central "serious comedy" adv. haha.

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First idea. next...please.

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thank you!

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lovely lovely

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Have Heart
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Hm, I trhink this is more of a first-thought idea. It's okay, but by far not great.

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Can't overlook a bana peel, dog poo.. you name it

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a bit lame idea but definitely generating a lot of buzz...

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NIce piece of art.
Bet it was fun convincing the client to spend the dosh on it!

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nice art. awfully, awfully thin connect to the glasses, however. but congrats to von essen.

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Now, THIS is inventive: Glasses which show you probably dangerous objects in a lot bigger size!

(Hm, what about probably dangerous dogs? That'd be scary...)

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No fixed abode
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ad-lovers, if this is your first idea, you are one sick puppy.

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omg! watch out for the banana people!

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C'mon! It shows everyone, that you will not overlook dangerous things with good glasses. And it's a nice peace of art and design. I like it

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