Rockport: NYC marathon

To highlight how comfortable Rockport shoes are (in addition to being stylish) runners have been running in the NYC Marathon wearing these shoes for several years now. For this years' NYC Marathon Rockport recruited several runners for this guerrilla marketing stunt, including U.S Navy Lieutenant and triathlete Andy Baldwin. See the shoes he wore above.

November 2009


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hmmm... sorry, again please? i wasn't paying attention.


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because the dress shoes are laced with typical of those worn by rubber shoes therefore connected to the marathon... is that right? the orange laces actually look good on that shoe. this seems contrived.

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me not understand bizarre ad

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(not talking about the idea. if there is one.)
to upload an idea for a promotion like this is really bad.

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stupid as can be...

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The orange laces are not part of the Rockport marketing concept, they are for the ING Foundation and 500 runners ran in those to raise money (including Baldwin)

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ha ha ha... such a pathetic ad that it finally made me laugh...


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this is a good ad - it conveys the idea that these shoes look good and are comfortable enough to run a marathon in.

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