Rock In Rio: True stars ride to Rock in Rio in public transport

The festival has a big environmental concern and, therefore, wanted to encourage and reward people who use public transport. The concept created was "True stars ride to Rock in Rio in public transport". The stunt had three stages:
1. At the entrance of public transport stations, paparazzi and fans approached passersby, took pictures and asked for autographs.
2. The photos were published in the Official Newspaper of Rock, an album in Rock in Rio's Facebook Fan Page.
3. People had to say "I am in this picture" to win amazing prizes.
In one week, were taken over 500 photos were taken and the album had thousands of comments.

There is a video here too:

Advertising Agency: Torke, Portugal
Aired: May 2010


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98 = hundreds of comments? :)

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Dzsoi, 98 was just the number of comments for the album cover. Each pic had many comments as well.

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I see, thx!

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Good idea!

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WOW! found it amazing! it's a non expensive "guerilla" action and i think it is very effective! congrats

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98 comments... thousands LOL

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That was just the album cover m8...:D Each photo had many comments as well. Hundreds...not thousands :D

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nice, little messy for me thou.

Don't follow the herd - be yourself!

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hmmm good,,,

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