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But what about for guys from *ahem* countries that dont use deoderent?

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i'll break the glass for them. great idea guys, pretty funny.

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but in case of a REAL emergency, this ad could confuse people and make the accident worse. :P

otherwise, good excecution. I love the idea of calling for a free sample.

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Yeah, I could see this having been a PR disaster if something went wrong. Imagine someone accidentally trying to put out a fire with that thing in case of an emergency. KABOOM!

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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Neil Levy
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i like this and think it's cool. here's my question. why wouldn't this have worked well as posters in transit instead of a special build. it's not as if anyone would break into the thing to get it and it probably wasn't cheap to do (special builds never are) and since people know/get what deodorant is maybe you don't need to go to that length. that said, i stand by my first thought which is, i think it's cool.

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this is one of my favourites!!!!!!! might not have been cheap but its cut through you are paying for!

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Fabian Kirner
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Bronze at Cannes!
WELL DONE, Jungs!!!

Greetz, F

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funny one :D

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Never Bronze! Shortlist, maybe.

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Fabian Kirner
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it already has won bronze at cannes this year.
so much for your misestimation...

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everyone seems to think this is amazing but i just have the feeling this is a pretty basic idea...
these emergency things have been used so many times...
but well, it's probably just me...

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you are not alone...

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jejejejeje very funny!!

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Good work!

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Jemma McGlinchey
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Pretty funny.

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