Rexona: Graffiti

Challenge: Reinforce Rexona Crystal's efficiency in the anti-white marks segment.
Goal: Point out the benefit of the product. Maintain the urban and current look visible of the international campaign
Idea: Amplify the white marks on dark clothing problem and present Rexona as the most effective solution.
Execution: Use of stencil and other mixed techniques. Urban and feminine visual language.
Developed pieces: Adshel

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative directors: Susana Albuquerque, João Coutinho
Copywriter: Filipa Gomes
Art director: Teco Cipriano
Strategic planning: Sérgio Santos
Account director: Susana Coerver
Account executive: Joana Valadão
Agency producer: Ana Rondão
Photographer: Ricardo Cruz
Stencil "Men": Tiago Albuquerque


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588 pencils


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297 pencils

What the... ?
I really didn´t get it.

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2592 pencils

how much did they produce like this? one?
not very efficient.
if you really want it to look selfmade, use silk screen printing and produce a larger number of posters. most people wouldn't see a difference.

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208 pencils

exactly ;-/
big waste of energy..

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1476 pencils


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588 pencils

the reason this doesn't work is because it's basically a layered press ad. they should have vandalized manequins, posters and billboards, and not made their own poster to paint over. really lame. if they couldn't do the former, they should have scrapped the idea.

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260 pencils

not good....

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

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Makes me think that this deodorant leaves white marks.

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Makes me think that this deodorant leaves white marks.

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