Rexona: Do you smell?

Advertising Agency: Lowe Vietnam
Creative Directors: Brandie Tan, Tin Sanchez
Art Director: Nga Thanh Nguyen
Copywriter: Tra Ngoc Vo
Agency Producer: Duy Anh Ho
Released: August 2007


Delfondo's picture
86 pencils

No se si es de verdad, pero esta bueno!!!

picktokyo's picture
1404 pencils

Idea wise it is great I think.
But I don't feel right with the tone and manner.
And the poster looks like abused actually, so maybe I may or may not perform that action.

but nevertheless it is fresh!

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Ad Junkie At Large
554 pencils

stolen and stolen often

prsuction's picture
17 pencils

like the idea
but... purple background? who's the targets?

prsuction's picture
17 pencils

and... very pop execution with another idea

artdirectoredwardbutstudiovisualizer's picture
136 pencils

bad, copied, and done before. The question :do you smell refers to stupid MD and team

TonySF's picture
22 pencils

Come on's Veitnam. Give them a break

king's picture
109 pencils

but this is not fresh

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man thurd
76 pencils

Smells like turd, like tong, tony truong and tom.

Tinglow's picture
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Scam show! As a creative, it is smart, but it really does not work. Ineffective! Simply because people are not so conscious about bills on the wall. I, as a passer-by, care a damn about this piece of paper sticking-out half, off the wall.

And Paradoxically argued, the tendency is more to rip it off completely, than to stick it back.


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super calibara
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Not Brilliant comment by moron below.

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students might find this brilliant ;)

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

1838 pencils

I quite like the idea here, simple and fun. However I don't think it would work. It doesn't give you any intrigue on the visible bit on the bottom to want to lift up the flap.

We're going to need more lube.

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26 pencils

Its aloooot for a chocolate bar guys, am not crazy about it

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

You'd all do the chick in the poster tho.

Group Hi-5!

Let's get our "cluster" on.

Doin' it for the points

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266 pencils

Icant see any idea here

ZaboZaboZabo's picture
595 pencils

Ha ha! very nice.

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360 grados
305 pencils


robottttrockkkk's picture
814 pencils

me gusta el hecho de que la gente interactue con el aviso

[ ]

jiahsisco's picture
246 pencils

What is it a tiny Vietnamese deodorant stick? Huh?

dangerouzmc's picture
111 pencils

Very nice.But what I fail to see is the chick handing over the deo to the person. It looks like she's blaming the damn deo for the stench. But, its a nice idea.

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vinh than market
16 pencils

2 at the scale of 10. Done, done, done, done!

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212 pencils

made me laugh. first time I've seen this idea.

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R. Rinaldi
686 pencils

Shortlisted to garbage can

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super calibara
176 pencils

Garbage piece.

R. Rinaldi's picture
R. Rinaldi
686 pencils

this is good for scamadsoftheworld site.

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8 pencils

can't believe it suck an stupid idea

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