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smart use of medium

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Muy bueno

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Oh thats awesome!! Fantastic. :)

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un safe. then the person walked in actually slipped and fall, broke the head and blood rushed out. real blood. i think this is stupid.

Arnold Santillan

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come on...

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yet another "what can we slide under someone's door" ad. it was clever the first time. now, it's just a rip off.

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Doesnt matter if it is used before (the transparency). The blood is still a fresh idea. Advertising is done to sell the product. This obviously sold the product exceptionally. The students liked it, the tickets got sold, job done.

Of course, new ideas and concepts = bigger reaction from audience therefore bigger sales. But in this ad, it still worked.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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definitely an attention grabber, which is what advertising is all about

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already done for the movie Kill Bill

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already done for the movie Kill Bill

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It now seems we have graduated from jamming crap in letterboxes to shoving shit under doors. Don't hate it but not that thrilled about it either, certainly wouldn't want to come home to see it under my door. But I suppose if it sold product eh.

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V good.
Given me a brilliant idea for a Plumber Ad, put under the shithouse door.

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i did the same, about 3 years ago. however i like it ;-)

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Probably would have looked a hell of a lot better if they hadn't used cheap laser copier transparencies, and if they had cut the form out, getting rid of the extra plastic which is so obvious to see in the photos.

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A very nice wallpaper on a white Mac :))

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i like it!

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Have Heart
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Brilliant!Excellent use of medium. Too cool!

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chintan ruparel
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super!! nice work... off-late, bangalore has been doing outstanding work..especially in ambient media.

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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chintan ruparel
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again...it wud b a cool prank 2 play ;)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Way to go guys! Very nice!

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I wouldn't like to see it under my door-Im not big on horror movies-
people who believe in bad omen will not like it either and people with tragic experiences will have a heart attack on the spot..
and that is not a joke ;-/

on the other hand, its really cool for school..
young crowd love the adrenaline rush..

infact keeping the extra plastic to show is good, it will work as a buffer after the shock, it will not be totally scary to death..

like when you see a scary movie you know deep down its only berry sauce and acting..
that is a good thing I guess

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dew drops
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ohhhhhhh man! this was my reaction

great way of publicity

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one other thing. this would only work if you were at home when they left it. if you came home, opened the door and looked down to see it, it would completely lose any impact.

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So the glossy plastic isn't a hazard when wet? One broken neck and this creative team is over. Floor graphics have to be used very safely, I wonder if this one off was really used?

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Lecter Lecaros
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so the slide under the door concept has been done before. big whoop. it works. i think its bloody amazing.

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lovely work

thats why minakshi deserves to be the NCD


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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