Restaurant Binnen, Breda: Lipstick Glasses

Restaurant uses lipstick glasses to find new dishwasher.
Challenge: Come up with an idea that will fill up the vacancy for a new
dishwasher @ Restaurant Binnen.
Solution: Beer- and wineglasses were printed with red lipstick and the message: "Restaurant Binnen is looking for dishwashers".
Result: Good reactions from costumers and possible candidates. A new
dishwasher was hired within one week.

Advertising Agency: Lowedraftfcb, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Director: Nils Noltee
Copywriter: Jeroen Flink
Published: December 2009


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guys like that ? haha

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Brilliant idea!

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Is your target group (dishwashers) likely to be customers at that particular bar?

Great idea, just for a different purpose. Better served as an idea for stay-all-day lipstick.

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Agree. Nice idea. Wrong product.

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well there is no reason why you wouldn't go have a beer if you are a dishwasher right? I used to work part time in bars when i was student, but i also was a client. and honestly, you don't work in bars if you don't like going to bars.

Yvan C. Goudard | Brand Manager | Froggystyle
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as a bartender maybe... you need to have more than three beers to feel like working in a bar while you were just doing the dishes.

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bad idea in deed. camouflaged itself good.

c'mon man... just a "help wanted" would do the job, you are not hiring a corporate ad man, right? and yet, I'm not discussing the offended customers.

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Great idea. But do they really need to advertise for dish-washers?

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who wants to drink a glass of beer with a lipstick...

: change my glass with a new one please!!

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creative ambient ad idea though.

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Thirsty person + colored sticky imprints = new glass or new drinking establishment.

But if you say a dishwasher was hired in one week, kudos.

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i wont go in a bar who offers me a job of the dishwasher


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