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Me think we saw this three days ago for Nike... This is VM idea - not advertising

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Me think your right someone knocked off someone..... but who.

VM is a form of advertising its just got different initials POS

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it's ripped off

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The question really is not if it has been there before. The question is what you think about it!

I think this is a beautiful work. It really sells the concept.
If this showroom would be in a shoe store it would definetly attract me to take a look.
Great job!

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Well... I like that they did this for real, and not just on a print ad (as the one linked by Ivan)... BUT there's no further concept behind this excecution.... Why butterflies?? The other campaign, the print, talked about 'Almost too rare to wear'... And also... it doesn't let you see much of the shoe itself, just a couple of soles. The other one showed them from the side and it didn't make them look less like butterflies.

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The work from Leo Burnett Frankfurt is better. And it's advertising contra POS.

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Almost too rare to wear. The Nike bag before the same idea of butterflies and insects and here is the shoe as it is not only the basis of shoes.

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I like it! Maybe there have been other ideas showing butterflies. But this great idea of saying "these shoes are so light as butterflies" has nothing to do with other insect campaigns like for example the Jeep ad. The idea is completely different. Showing the soles of the shoes in their variety of colors is a perfect way to visualize the butterfly form and to show the range of reebok sport shoes. For me the idea of serviceplan is the better convertion of the butterfly idea. And just because the Leo Burnett idea was posted earlier this does not say that it was created earlier.

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Hmmm... Leo Burnett has provided a publishing date. December 2007. Serviceplan is strangely silent on that point... :/

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The normal shoe buyer wouldnt connect that the shoes are light because they look like butterflies. Unless that little descripter clues to it, its weak. Also even though it doesnt have the same idea as jeep... all of us thought jeep when we saw it...lets be honest.

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The idea is lovely because it works very well. Especially the link from butterflies to light soles are visualized in a smart way.

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years ago, adidas relate shoes-butterfly first, for that pair wear by Kobe Bryant. Then Li-ning copied it.

This one upgrade that idea, not bad, not good enough:)

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Who is that foolish that choose his shoes from watching the sole?

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that's a good point!

btw: in 2001 there was a contribution for Cannes from Brasil showing a pair of shows like a butterfly

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