Red Cross Australia: Full-body waxed in Sydney's Circular Quay for the love of humanity

Advertising Agency: Jack Watts Currie, Sydney, Australia
Art Director: Ben Pearce
Copywriter: Simone Bartolini
Account Manager: Sonal Taank
Digital production: Wasabi
PR: Maverick
Media: OMD
Production house: Deep End


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Clearly people were having a good time. Still, the campaign can potentially turn into a circus. What if someone wants to walk around naked "for the love of humanity"? Would the Red Cross film that too? I just don't think that people should publicly humiliate themselves to raise money for any cause. That said, that wasn't a full body wax.

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well, i would try to raise some money by putting up a show... but not anything even close to the one shown here.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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So much stupid pain for a stupid idea..

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