Cardboard city

Every night over 100,000 people sleep on the streets. Every click on this site contributes $1 to help the homeless.

Advertising Agency: CumminsNitro, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: James Procter
Art Director: Jason Hynes
Copywriter: Julie Poulter
Photographer: Ted Szukalski
Released: May 2008


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I am not very sure about the idea, but you got a target in 48 hours that's good.
so let's see what other comment

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I think the instant homeless shelter idea taxi had a while ago (you know, that wearable one) was better. while in competition with that one this would lose out (imho), I'm all for making some dough for the cause and it's not like this was horrible.

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ahmed ragheb
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it can be better !!!

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It worked. I suppose that speaks for itself..

1838 pencils

Is this 'inspired' (ripped off) from that artist that did an exhibition of churches done in cardboard?

Anyway, its interesting, but ultimately I don't buy that it made much of a difference.

We're going to need more lube.

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nice gaijin
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what a waste of cardboard. Inhabit it with 100,000 homeless people and do something with your message.

BigBrother's picture
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this might be the -beginning- of a good idea

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you guys are so jaded.

it's a good simple thought, executed well, that apparently worked its ass off.

i think it's pretty good. well done.

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think they would win more sympathy money if it rained.

where you at, Al Gore?

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this idea worked because people felt that all they had to do was click and they would make a difference so why on earth not!! the idea was well executed.

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