RBC Blue Water Project: Water Donation Box

Your donation creates more clean water.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Art Director: Linda Carte
Copywriter: Rachel Abrams
Photographer: Rebecca Nixon
Released: March 2008


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How many more times are they gonna do this Aesop thing?

It's getting old...

Quite really.

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Done! Someone from Singapore did the same idea and got shortlisted in Cannes this year.

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I think I'm gonna upload another one next weak. Isn't it great?

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Meh, even if it hadn't already been done...it still reminds me of those tacky coin drop things that used to be on the counter at Taco Bell.

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How does this box makes the water clean? Does this box come with a built-in filter. The coins dropping only raises the water level.


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The amount of water rest the same. There is only more dirty money in it... Says the opposite to me.

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the idea is not bad, but they should delete the “clean” from the concept

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