Rashers: Bacon Take One

Take one and bring it in for your free bacon sandwich.

To get bacon lovers to crave a Rashers bacon sandwich we affixed real, cooked in-house bacon strips to posters to be used as tearaway coupons.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Ian MacKellar
Art Director: Todd Cornelius
Copywriter: Jamie Marcovitch

February 2013


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Klara K.
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Meredith Singh
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Amusing. But how effective would it be? Seems a bit gross and might actually put people out of the mood to eat bacon.

And what's stopping people from bringing in a strip of bacon from home every day for a free sandwich?

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I agree with your bottom point, but I love the concept.

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Terrible! Is this the best 'free work for award shows' the agency can come up with?

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