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wow, another agency's elevator!

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The problem isn't that it's an elevator as a media, but that the idea is plain unappealing and dumb.

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crap. it could at least say "Barbie & Ken" or s.th. on the door

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arabs in the gulf dont really understand it the way you are suggesting.. its better this way..

| Everartz |

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A very good idea, but note the geographical location of this.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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So the divorce advocate will be sliced in half? Nice!

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i think instead of this they should have shown a couple holding hands who part away every time the door opens..and Divorce Advocate should be inside the elevator which would immediately become visible once the couple parts away

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Pacific Blue
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Pfff... This is a ripp off from the famous divorce advocate business card.
Gold in One show.

And an imitation of Superman elevator media.
Lion at Cannes.

Business card Idea + Kill Bill / Superman elevator media = This ad


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I hate elevator ads. Plz keep the elevators ads-free.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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Such a rip off.
I know people are tired of seeing ads on elevator doors, but i reckon that's like asking to never see another print ad in a magazine. Elevator ideas are going to be around for a while - folks just love having their messages on things that open and close.

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i dont think that's a good idea.

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