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that's neat. nothing too original, but still neat

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it's funny for the right audience. but as a non-red bull drinker, it's certainly not going to sway me to try one. hmmmmm. so, what you're saying is that i'll be so jacked up that my OCD tendencies will rev into high gear so that i can put together this pointless puzzle.

no thanks! but fun, imaginative and intriguing in the right hands!

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I'm torn. I liek the concept I'm just not 100$ convinced the execution is there. Good idea. I don't drink Red Bull and I don't think this would make me. It's a cute clever idea tho.

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What is the puzzle about? Just empty white space? What are we solving here? Oh is it: here are pieces of nothing to put together, but you have to drink Red Bull to go through it? If there was an image - nothing complicated - to complete, then maybe i could catch the challenge. For now it looks empty and pointless. Nonetheless - well executed, clean & neat and straight to the point. Quite original, not an idea done to death....

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The most complicated puzzle is a puzzle with one single color.

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for people who enjoy jigsaw puzzle
they don't need a redbull to replenish

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For our overseas friends, in SG we drink it for sports not games. Perhaps 10am needs it in the morning b4 they can think it creatively?

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