Prime TV / True Blood: I am a Vampire

To launch Season 3 of the HBO series True Blood, DRAFTFCB Auckland created the ‘I Am Vampire’ website. We invited fans of the show to visit, register themselves as vampires and tell their story. We then created a full-page press ad, listed all the names of our registered vampires and wrote customised birth/death notices for them. Each of the names were actual fans -or freshly turned fang bangers- who, much to their delight, discovered their sinister new identity in the national newspaper.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Creative Directors: Billy McQueen, Chris Schofield
Art Director: Billy Mcqueen
Copywriters: Josh Stuart, Harriet Johnston

August 2010


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As something nice for the fans it's great, but I don't see how it can bring new audience for the show (and isn't it the main thing about advertising?).

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What, is "True Blood" the new condom / tattoo parlor / scrabble ?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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When in doubt, google.

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True Blood is a highly popular Vamp series. It's pretty good, I watch it too. And these ads in Australia / NZ run for real. Not fake. :)

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Grammar error on the first birth. Well played.

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Much to their delight or much to their families' confusion and/or horror? I can imagine that at least one person's grandmother called the newspaper in great distress believing what she just saw was a notice of death for her grandson, not an advertising stunt.

Concerned grannies aside, this is a cool idea.

@sirvan, True Blood is a popular American series about a group of desperate vampires who live in a small town in the Southern US.

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very good

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Not bad, simple and effective.

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Awesome, how fun.

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