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but, the joke finishes rather quickly
and, size doesn't compensate!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Super Cool. AweF*****some.

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I agree. The size and perspective look funny-weird.

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Why do these agencies pass off these things as though they actually happened? "... an innovative hoarding was put up ..."
Anyone with a bit of graphic skill, and an eye for what things look like in a real environment can see that these are photoshopped.

Maybe it was set up, maybe the photos didn't look good, ... but then again, this just looks like a mockup.

R®'s picture
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you're right yokel, and u can tell most of all from the side pic... just notice the handle in the side pic....
but the idea is there... i mean i've seen pans with broken handles, so if they're lookind for that usp, it's good...

Yokel's picture
604 pencils

It's a nice idea. I'm not sure I'd connect it straight away to stronger handles, but even if I didn't the ad would be okay. If it was actually done.

Steeef's picture
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What are you saying...?
Super strong handles because a pan balances on it..


saurabh's picture
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for all of u--- it was done in reality.

deep_tracy's picture
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an alternate reality?

in the sideview photo, the perspective's not quite right around the pink portion of the handle. and in all three photos, the pan's perspective just looks odd.

and it's on the sidewalk, outside the wall. i don't think anyone would be permitted to build a non-utilities structure--especially something like that--that close to the road.

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rotten mutton
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Even if it were real... so? This ad is just opening up a can of worms. Pans, ladles, gardening tools, D.I.Y tools, tampons, etc, etc, etc...
Look! Another avenue for mediocre ads!

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I couldn't give a rats ass if its fake,

The idea is ok, not blowing but it does its job.

{ ;- )

deep_tracy's picture
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it's so easy to come up with good ideas. good ideas from real briefs, that are doable in the real world, and getting them produced is the challenge.

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Disco Munky
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Is it really?

Here I thought that having and expressing a creative thought was what was important on this site.

silly me. I must not be good at stuff... and things...

Doin' it for the points

deep_tracy's picture
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yes, it is. does coming up with ideas for ads push your creativity to its limits? i dunno what to say except maybe good luck.

i think you forget that this is adsoftheworld, not ideasoftheworld.

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You have a point, but it doesn't be-little the idea, in my opinion, if it was real then thats a bonus.

Thats where I stand on the whole real/fake thing.

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this is totally photoshopped. Another thing. No utensil company (atleast in India) that i knwo of would spend so much money on a hoarding. If this was a small kiosk or placard somewhere in a shop i'd still understand. great thought gone to waste.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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just 4 ur knowledge if u r not from advertising background. everybody does good work and they try their best to push client to do good stuff. as specially when u think there is lot of potential to win. this was one of them where client agreed to do it. and it was done in reality.

by da way. by ur comment looks like u r a studio photoshop artist. who don't have idea creative people really try hard to sell stuff which they really believe. it doesn't matter if it small client or big.

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give it up, man. it's totally fake.

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it's silly and unappropriate. this is just wrong

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This looks like the kind of idea the creative team would really want to do - before the client insisted on 10 minute infomercials

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the idea is weak. the photoshop skill is weaker.

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Just Bitchin

Whats it saying really? Thats the debate.
Next, it looks fake as hell (Can we have more pics?).

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Is this seriously an ad, advertising stron handles. Come on, its such a bolted on idea for the medium.

'Look you could make a pan stand on its handle, oh great, yeah strong handles ... yeah'

both monkeys then slap their heads with their hands'

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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afzal hossain
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mansi shah
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I think this is very nice idea. The execution is right.

snagesh75's picture
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Saurabh, idea is good and if its reality then these pics totally failed to prove that, dont mind please! I mean tooooo much photoshop spoiled the realism....you have to admit!

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Lecter Lecaros
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i think the idea is quite and i don't care it's fake or not

deepside's picture
177 pencils

i think the idea is creative and i don't care it's fake or not

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