Prague Spring Classic Music Festival: Ring up your music

Music in everything.

In order to promote the festival of classical music we perform a promo action in the shop where every customer can compose his own piece of music. We draw a musical staff on the cash register tape. When the cashier is ringing up the sale, some sounds are coming from the speakers forming a piano work composed by the customer instead of the annoying ringing. After passing the checkout lane the customer receives a receipt with the list of purchases and a sheet music of his own composition.

How does it work
The cash register tape has the indicators that detect the location of items in musical staff. After that the notes are organized in the same order as the items on tape forming a piano piece of music.

Advertising School: MADS, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Arina Avdeeva, Denis Eliseev
Copywriter: Ilya Torgovnikov
Art director: Mitya Katkin

March 2013


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Good idea... Sure is different.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Brilliant. I wonder if this is actually produced as well, and whether it'd work - but the idea is great.

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I'd appreciate a real picture. Both the pictures here are photoshoped!'s picture
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Brilliant Idea

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It's a good idea BUT ... I don't think it's really possible.

Think. Then think again.

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Brilliant Idea & beautifully executed

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