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Very cool, odd shape for a business card though – (says the American).

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Simple and smart. Love it.

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its cool

though i have seen it before in the book "best business card design" as a rectangle name card

but who cares. it works. : D


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interesting, smart

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yea this is cool but whats written on the card in black?

| Everartz |

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Such a huge card? Or are the fonts too small?
Should show some object, like a hand to give an idea about the size.
Although it's not very interesting to me.


Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Constructive Criticism
1) Too much Wastage of paper
2) when you hand out your card, people hold a card like they would hold any book/paper to read. How many people would take the time to place it on a flat surface and view shadow of the dial?
3) Too fancy to carry around in your wallet/purse - Something smaller and more practical would help and i agree with JAGGY... The sense of dimension is not so obvious here...I would take back this comment if the size is small enough.
4) Looks more like a pop out greeting card.

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I luv the concept but even my bag (a real girl's bag) cannot carry
this card

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Kre8 Media
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This is a very fun design for a visiting card. I am sure it gets a lot of comments and talk about it.

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