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The idea is nice, but I guess its more expensive the postcard than the little coin that the costumers put in the can.

But its fine.

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Indeed, it is very nice but does it correspond to the production cost and not making a loss.

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McCann Peru

The printing of the postcards was actually a donation made by a printing
company from the city of Lima. They always collaborate with the annual
campaign of Domund.

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Now this makes a lot of difference.

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euclid the gree...
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But it is still a cost production problem. If there was a donation for the postcards why not donate it to the cause? I think there is a much better way to execute this concept that has no production cost problems.

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I like the idea, when I saw the thumbnail I thought that it was a raising fund for liberation of someone... I read the case and althought I really like the idea, I think it falls short.

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Finally, a real work that bloody works for the community.

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I want to get fat.

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really cool, simple and yet extraordinarilly effective idea. just one question pops into my mind: didn't too many people flock around the cashier, 'cause it takes at least 30 sec. to do the whole operation. but i see that the campaign had a huge response, and that means that everything went well

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Very cool, almost brilliant!

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Muy buena idea.

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Brilliant, Superb.

....Method in Madness....

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Good idea. Congratulations Peru!

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This campaign was done by students from Miami Ad School a few years ago. Same tag but more happening in the visual. Won a bundle of awards.

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love it

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