Porcidou: The Skewer

For all you meat lovers out there.

Porcidou, a fresh pork meat brand, enjoying a good reputation but lacking in shelf appeal, needed to do something to regain consumer interest.

Action was needed in order to add value to this brand and to bring it to the front of consumers’ minds, preferably just before the moment where they have to choose which brand to buy. In creating a whole new brand identity we also focused on point of sale, and the idea of having a giant skewer on lampposts in supermarket car parks just came about naturally.

Along with some snapshots and being shared on social media it also caught the attention of a few newspapers. One other result was a happy client, since sales in these stores simply doubled.

Advertising Agency: Luvi Ogilvy, Reunion Island
Creative Director: Pedro de Oliveira
Account Director: Steven Potet
Additional credits: Empreinte Locale
Published: April 2013


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Not original, but still good.

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Nothing very exciting but very interesting for the brand.

Simple ideas are the best !

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I like.

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