Pond's: Cleaning pores billboard

The guys from Ogilvy payed this dude to stay inside a giant pore that was created inside a billboard and keep cleaning day in and day out. This billboard's location is along one of Manila's main highways, so everybody pretty much sees it. Great use of ambient media. Click play to watch the video.

Agency: Ogilvy, Manila


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Poor guy. All that soot and smoke. Hope he was covered with medical insurance. That's how cheap labor is in the Philippines.

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its not true that ogilvy paid this guy to stand there. who in the world would do that anyway?? i've seen it many times when i was in manila. and it's really cool!

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Like it's not cheap almost anywhere in Asia. *rolls eyes*

I think it's an interesting concept.

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MADE in the USA
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Funny from the point of concept, I just hope he avoids any gust of wind.

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lol, i feel bad for the guy.

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