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what is Polycell?

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what is polycell???

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what is google?

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what is this?
oh, a crack... again... first in houses (many times), now on the floor...

PD. by the way, i won´t go to google just to see what something is... it´s an obbligation for an ad to be clear!!!! and this is certainly NOT clear. So zzzzzz....

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It is if you know what Polycell is, and most people the ad is actually aimed at would.

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You kind of have to know this is an installation at the Tate Modern by Doris Shibboleth to understand it.

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Im sorry but if you don't know what polycell is you need to put down your lipstick and take a trip to any DIY store in the UK. As far as the Ad goes it would deffo make me stop and think why the fuck is there a massive crack in the floor! Good work lads

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That cracked surface is an artistic intervention at the London's Tate Modern Gallery, made by the sculpturer Doris Salcedo. Of course that floorgraphic isn't there.

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Polycell fixes cracks, so this ad fails. Nice try.

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You serious? It shows the problem and the solution. If it showed a fixed crack people wouldn't get it.

But we'll forgive you: you must be new to this whole 'advertising' thing.

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