PNet: LCD Panels

Advertising Agency: 4D, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: James Daniels
Art Director: Roberto Adamo
Copywriter: Jeff Harvey
Director: Mosese Semenya
Production Company: Catapult Producer: John Vrey
Published: June 2010


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Very nice execution but seems it is missing a detail which makes it look a bit forced.

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nice idea, but in the movie you cant see realy how it works, just a few secounds... and the movie is toooooo long.

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obviously it did not really happened
bad edition, didnt show people behind the lcd panels.

Fifa would never let it happen.

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razorsharp creative
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Yes, forced. In fact, if you want to toot your own horn make sure the tune is worth it. This seemed to be an attempt to show this campaign's effectiveness at creating a brand message that connected...yet, you would think that a company that did so well at connecting its message to their audience would do a better job of connecting the video of that connection to its audience. I was left thinking, "Well, I guess they created a campaign that worked, but it doesn't seem that way from this video...other than a bunch of text that said it did and a bunch of drunk soccer fans spouting canned responses." With two minutes and thirty-three seconds you couldn't do more to captivate and impress me in describing your captivating and impressive campaign? Booo.

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

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Self-indulging. 2 stars

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