PlayStation: Mr.Lee, Tailer to superheroes and villains

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia, Madrid, Spain
Global Creative Director: Mark Tutssel
Executive Creative Director: Chacho Puebla
Creative Directors: Juan Sevilla, Juan Christmann
Art Directors: Bruno Nakano, Juan Sevilla
Designer: Bruno Nakano
Copywriter: Juan Christmann
Head of Digital: Asier García
Head of PR: Sarah Okrent
Head of Events: Cristina Baixas
Creative Advisor: Tura
Head of Programming: Victor Moreno
Programmer: Luis Marcano

April 2011


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17002 pencils

Very cool. This is what advertising should be about.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Mr. Green
114 pencils

What a great piece of art and entertainment!

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All hail Mr lee!

Advertising @ chinaSMACK

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This is not bad! Actually its really cool, great entrepreneurial idea and well pimped. - Film Production Management

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207 pencils

love it

Prof's picture
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if the game wasn't so crap i'd like it ;)

Quite really.

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the idea is good, but the costumes look so cheap!

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really good, congratulations

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Helmet Chrome
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Awesome work, fun idea.

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Great idea...

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Great idea. Great execution... except for the actual costumes.

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Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

Very cool idea, hard not to think ( intern, copywriter, intern, media planner, art director, etc) in these campaign success videos, but I do love the extent you guys went into creating a dated and stylized business for the campaign.

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advertising ninja
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i dont have enough words to praise this campaign. but the costumes are really crappy. they take away the coolness. why not asking a comic fan fashion designer to do these. you could compete with brands like diesel since hipster would pay handsome money for good quality costumes.

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153 pencils

Very well done!! intresting aproach from ps marketing people to

El que sabe, sabe arte. El que no, es redactor.

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Sr. Rushmore
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qué barbaridad de idea¡
enhorabuena vitrubio.
un ideote como un buque.

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Awesome idea! I'd love to have a costume myself!

black or white

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