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daniel_glezmilan's picture
Activity Score 284

¿Por qué no mejor mandarles el pan a los niños pobres en lugar de hacer semejante (y muy mala) activación?


dynatop's picture
Activity Score 212

because of the feeling, ppl waste more food, what a great idea!

SeanMartin's picture

The more I see ads like this, the more I start to think that the infamous National Lampoon cover (Either you buy this issue or we shoot the dog) did the conceit so much better.

:: sigh :: This thing is a lovely gesture, but that's about it.

Luis Maram's picture
Luis Maram
Activity Score 252

Oh! Come on! Give the money or send the bread? That's charity! We're talking about ads, and this is a good one, an awakener of consciousness. And if you read, the target was a very specific segment: The Nutrition Conference, so I was thinking about the quorum: companies, institutions, governance. I think it's the right action for the right people.