Pizza Hut: Time

A large digital countdown clock was installed on the back of Pizza Hut delivery bikes to dramatize their on-time delivery promise.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero/Proximity, Makati City, The Philippines

Chief Creative Officer: David Guerrero

Executive Creative Directors: David Guerrero, Simon Welsh, Joel Limchoc

Creative Directors: Brandie Tan, Tin Sanchez
Art Director: Gary Amante

Photographer: Marlon Balangon

Copywriter: Rey Tiempo

Advertiser’s Supervisor: Elaine V. Guzman

Account Manager: Shirley Gadia

Account Supervisor: Ombet Traspe

Producer: Al Salvador


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Nice, but has small range...


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that's the idea. I love it.

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works for me

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i like too

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works for me too

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Small range but big PR opportunity

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nice but, who start the clock? jajajajaj the delivery guy!!!
just kidding, the idea is clear to the observer

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xxx Adams xx
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love it

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Honest Dave
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Nothing like getting a crappy pizza in 30 minutes or less.

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Awesome. Great job!

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It keeps promise alive.

Well done, guys.

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what makes me sure as a customer that the driver started the stop watch right before getting on the bike to deliver?
doesnt make trust more...

| Everartz |

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A stranger abroad
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This is a good idea. Of course a pizza can get cold and soggy in 30 minutes. Not that that makes much difference to PH shit which is terrible no matter how fresh it is.

But this is still a good, cheap, visible, highly targeted and relevant 'proof' of their core promise. Nice idea.

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Great idea. Might not work for creative types, but will definitely have a great impact on the man-on-the-street. Good one.

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Just an opinion
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I agree it

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And if he is late? Free pizza with bad ad message.. "hey am late for your pizza"

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I like the comments made above more than the ad... hahaha

The idea is not 'out of the world' for me.

critics "ad'' value :)

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talk about giving the delivery dude sheer pressure. haha. The HATE LATE concept as I heard, was done by a fellow thomasian of mine. Higher batch of course.

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the counter must start from the moment the customer drops the phone, not the delivery time from the store to the customer.

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