Pizza Hut: Supreme Pepper Tabasco Pizza

Yeah, it's hot. No point complaining.

Advertising Agency: Dim Propaganda, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guilherme Facci, Michele D'Ippollito
Art Director: Daniel Barrocas
Copywriter: Luis "Grilo" Figueiredo

February 2008


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Cheeky. ;-)

We're going to need more lube.

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Like it!!!

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I think the paper shredder is great, unexpected and clever.

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I think that if i spent 5min writing something complaining about a pizza and they shred my paper infront of me as part of a joke i would get really pist off.

I would be different if they asked opinions about the pizza and the title said: "Its hot. No point discussing it."

If im placing a COMPLAIN i wont smile at this.

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I'm not so sure about this. Although I like the attitude. I'm just getting a 'we don't care what you have to say' message from pizza hut.

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I agree. If customers take the time to fill to out, then they a) have a problem with the pizza and b) want to be heard. They're kinda pissing their customers off. The people who would find it funny are the ones who actually LIKED the pizza.

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Rather cheeky ad but clever.. :) but then again

I would not bother to give feedback to Pizza hut ever again.. Now i know where my complaints or suggestions are gonna go...

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If you weren't the first person to put one in, you'd see all the other shredded cards.
Seems kinda gimmicky and I don't really get the point. People will be so impressed and amused that they'll come back to shred another fake complaint card?

Now watch, someone's gonna use a paper shredder more effectively and win a bunch of awards.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I'm probably the kind of person who would ACTUALLY beat the crap out of this type of pointless, serving-no-end, customer-taunting in-store eye pollution. I gotta calm myself down...

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wow! cool comments... any solutions for our friends?

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Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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Another problem is that it said put your "comments" not put your "complaints." What if my comment is a good one and I am not really complaining?

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