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Nice. Too bad something like this just won GranPrix in FIAP.

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Ford did this already

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i think this is dangerous... people do manouvers trying to avoid what apears to be a bump in the road.

imagine a crash because someone hits the breaks trying not to hit one of this colosal bumps.

I never thought that i would say this but I HOPE ITS A FAKE.

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not the best place to communicate your message, very dangerous distraction from the roadd


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especially in India where you can't mess with the car in an over crowded place.

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Scam ad.

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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daniel ieraci
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I think it's actually illegal to tamper with both road signs and the road itself for advertising purposes, so am pretty certain this is a fake.

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Hey Guys... Its kick ass.. i love it.. And It's original ad. I have seen it in India. it won awards locally. Jwt has copied this ad for FORD.. as is.. its strange.. they have also lifted the line from this ad. guys be original. It has to stop..this culture of lifting ideas and executing them in better way.. is really not going to take you anywhere.. like this if JWT Santiago, Chile.. need more ideas.. please come to India..
India Rock!!

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Strange how JWT Santiago could produce an advert in Chile 7 months before it was produced in India by Y&R Everest... Or do you mean that Y&R copied this from JWT who copied it from another Indian agency?...

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I hope that someone swerves to avoid this and hits the person that made this ad.

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Jonny Lonestar
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It won't matter what kind of suspension you have when you t-bone a guardrail because this ad got jammed into your wheel-well

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Slim Hmaied
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what is the product ?

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tamer samy
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I think it can cause a lot of dangerous accidents !!

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I particularly love that they went to the effort of photographing a guy putting it on the road. It's like they thought we wouldn't believe it was authentic. Oh wait, that's right, we don't!

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concepts like these look good only in photographs. In reality, i doubt any driver would see the sticker as a real pothole.

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Clief Kole
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To me this is what I call irresponsible advertising.

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Lecter Lecaros
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this was done before by JWT Chile, and they did it better the floor graphics were placed in lateral streets and parking areas with speed limits that didn't exceed 10 kilometers per hour, with the objective of looking out for the driver's safety

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Look at the typo on both pictures and they are different, eventhough it's on the same spot. Come on guys, upload some real stuffs!

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What typos?

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its DAngerous you BONE HEAD!!

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its DAngerous you BONE HEAD!!

X2!! I ride a motorcycle, and hitting a real pothole like this would be the end of you - so any biker would take severe evasive action. This BS would get somebody killed. I hope they put one around here - I'll sue their asses good.

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"To me this is what I call irresponsible advertising."


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beautifully done no doubt

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For WHAT!? I dont really see what you mean here but for me as an audience, I could say that there isnt good happening right in front of us.

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