Challenge: Pony Malta is a drink for young people with a high nutritional contents and thanks to that it has been able to take hold of the concept: Only those who drink Pony Malta are better prepared. The idea was to create a promotion in which the prizes would help university young students to be better prepared for the day-to-day and nothing better than to give away personal computers and USB keys for them to transport their files.

Concept: We discovered that the best way to reach them was neither the television nor the radio and much less any other conventional media. We needed something new, something that other brands would have not used, and we found a space everybody had ignored and that would rotate from hand to hand at universities: The photocopies. The idea was simple. We gave away to stationery stores entire paper blocks for photocopiers. Each of the sheets of paper we gave away had impressed on their back our promotion. For the owners of the photocopiers it was a good deal, since the sheets of paper was free. With regard to the students, as it was a photocopy on “used” paper the price per copy was lower even if they made it on a completely white sheet of paper.

Results: The results were in quick. More than 62% bottle caps were redeemed during the 3 months the promotion lasted. In addition, Pony Malta’s consumption at universities increased 34% points in relation to the previous months of this activity.

Advertising Agency: Lowe/SSP3, Bogota, Colombia
Creative Directors: Jose Miguel Sokoloff, Alejandro Benavides
Art Director: Juan Gabriel López
Copywriter: Nicolas Mejía

September 2007


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young people with a high nutritional contents???

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Pony Malta is a traditional an popular drink in Colombia, not really for the nutritional content, it has a peculiar taste, but yes their promise is a nutritional drink and almost every mom gives Pony Malta to their child.
Their slogan goes something like "The Champions Drink" well.. makes more sense in spanish.

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Children are delicious.

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jajajajajaja anyway, at least the translation is funny.

I believe they try to say that Pony Malta is

a drink with high nutritional contents for young people
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now you did it again. this trick. i told you i hate it.
go suck a pony, bark boy.

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the thing is that in spanish sounds proper in that way

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I like the campaign, it threw the box away and the execution seems very economic. This way thier client could spend more on the promotionals than traditional media. It seems that day by day we are less impacted by traditional media (since theirs so much) and new impressions cause a unique result. Saludos y felicidades.

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"We needed something new, something that other brands would have not used, and we found a space everybody had ignored ... : The photocopies."

Wow! Copiers! Never used before! PWAHAHAHA!

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