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TOO horrible.

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uh...hard one to understand....who is target group here? everyone? gimmi something simple

Absolutely Free Global Multimedia Share
upload/download free pictures, 3d models, illustrations...

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hard to understand? I got that in a second.

I'm quite alright with this ad. not "oh my god, this is so fantastic, I wish I had done that" but okay.

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Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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Agree too... Its quite easy to get.

The problem sometimes is because they dont click on the pic to zoom in and read.

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Silver Surfer
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Again, a nice ad smart and simple. I think the target is anyone who knows how to think.

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I don't understand the no sayers. I think it's smart.

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too bad!


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hum... a bag that doesnt exists...
very good to carry nothing...

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C'mon it's a metaphore. The bags are not invisible to your shopping items but to the enviornment. This stand is quite smart. Should be put in front of supermarkets.

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yeah,,this is great

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I thought it was brilliant! It makes you look at it and ask questions. Then, the text below provides the answer: biodegradeable - hence, not landfill, as similarly explained by matks. Someone's gotta give some props to the agency that created it.

And, YES - The demographic is obviously "everyone" - at least everyone walking on the street (and not driving in their cars). Why? Because the environment IS everyone's concern, and so here's a simple way to communcate community goodwill and support while at the same time getting people's attention and getting them to stop and think.

Props to TBWA. (And no, I'm not employed, related to, or even KNOW anyone at that agency, or Pharmasave for that matter.)

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