Peugeot 308: Boxes

58 wooden boxes were "parked" in the main Portuguese cities - including the Azores and Madeira Islands. Built to match the 308 size, these boxes were made to entice the curiosity of the people passing by. A hole teased people to peep through it. Inside, a message invited everyone to go to nearest Peugeot dealer, after September 28th.

Advertising Agency: Torke Stunt, Lisbon, Portugal


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Seen the same thing for Toyota Hilux, but it was like a cage built of metal.

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Then it's not the same thing. Sheesh, you people are so caught up in whether it's "been done before" that you lose sight of the execution and (most importantly) the RESULTS. I do not doubt that this placement succeeded in building interest and buzz around the product. Joe Customer on the street doesn't care if Toyota was first with the concept.

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I ve seen it for real in portugal and i tought that it was a good job but the execution sucks!

Was like someone drop some tras-hbox in the street.
I guess a new product has to come in a brand new box, not in a cheap quality box.

Anyway, the ideas is good.

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agree with Sparkvisual

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i agree with sparkvisual. and i will add, that the best campaigns are the ones in which the target viewer can interact with.

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Malaysian car (Proton Persona) did the same thing aswell, it is exactly the SAME!

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