Peugeot 308: Airport

In order to promote the launching of the new 308, the 4 main Portuguese airports were the stage for three different actions.
A "Travel Agency Driver" was at the arrivals gateway, showing a signboard saying: "308- Get ready for the arrival of the new Peugeot".
Advertising boards on top of the departures/arrivals information screens, with the words "It has arrived! 308".
Transportation boxes were placed by the luggage belt, with "It has arrived! 308" printed on it.

Advertising Agency: Torke Stunt, Lisbon, Portugal


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Just a gimmick, nothing more.

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i think it's great!

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it gets people wondering. it gets people talking.
plus its unique. its not just a brochure with a photo & price tag.

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Nice ambient ideas.

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very nice!

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it´s funny....
I like ambient adv

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