Blood Relations

November 2011

To demonstrate the power of creativity in a troubled region, this unique event brought together Palestinans and Israelis who have lost family members in the conflict to donate their blood, side by side, as a symbolic act of healing. This project came about as a result of BBR Saatchi & Saatchi's challenge to creative minds around the world to present ideas to bring these people together.

Case video:
Advertising Agency:">BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel
Agency CEO: Yossi Lubaton
Deputy Agency CEO: Yoram Levi
Creative managers: Eran Nir, Tomer Gidron, Eddie Goldenberg
Art director:">Nathan Freifeld
Copywriter:">Shachar Ayalon
Planning: Guy Gordon, Rachel Friend
Designer:">Steve Reiches
Technologist: Leonid Angarov
Account group head: Nir Federbush
Accont supervisor: Lee Bryn
Account executives: Noa Sharf, Sharon Taggar
VP Production: Dorit Gvili
Producer:">Bosmat Marmarely

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this is what we need.. what this world need

life is a playground

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Jaap Grolleman
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Ever since the raise of aids, I found blood something scary. But it's an extreme gesture that does symbolize the solution well I think. It's nice to finally see the Impossible Brief being solved. (Only the brief though, not the problem I think).

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The spirit of this idea is strong. I'll remain cynical and dubious about whether it can affect the real underlying problem behind the conflict. But I believe it will have an impact on those it touches. Bravo.

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great project! hope it will contribute even if just a bit to solve to conflict

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Oo nice idea. Won't solve a thing but conceptually great.

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Like many across the world, I also participated in this creative challenge and came up with a creative solution called “Blood For Peace”. I sent my idea on 2nd December which was uploaded on the impossible brief facebook page on 4th December.

“Blood For Peace” was aimed at creating a strong bond of brotherhood between the common masses of these conflicting nation through exchange of blood. From Blood Donation Camps to 24X7 Bloodline number to Thanksgiving Card from the receiver, I had laid down a step-by-step execution process for the idea.
Please scroll down to December 4th to view my entry.

To my utter surprise it wasn’t even shortlisted. But today I am heartbroken to see an almost similar idea as the winning entry. I have nothing against the winners. But going by the impossible brief fb page, I was the first one to upload the “Blood For Peace” entry. The “Blood Relation” idea didn’t even feature in the list before December 4th.

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The Impossible Brief
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Dear Suman, We received an idea about mutual blood bank \ donation for the first time
from Jean-Christophe Royer from BETC Paris, on 13 July 2010.
We also received a similar idea from 2 more wonderful people including you.
Great minds think alike.
Thank you and peace for all.

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Wonderfull project. Peace is possible. Thanks to work on!

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Oren Zur-Shavit
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But we do kill mosquitoes, although they carry our blood in their veins. What a silly idea.
Man you gotta love Cannes. It has turned advertising agencies worldwide into charitable organizations and peace corps.

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Activity Score 824

this is what we need.. what this world need

life is a playground