Pedigree Dog Food: Dog Leash

Pedigree Dentastix is a chewing product for dogs that cleans the dogs teeth while he is biting and chewing it. It is dental care tor dogs. We placed dog leashes outside butchers and supermarkets, tied to the hooks that are meant tort his purpose. Only — our leashes were only halt leashes. The dog was missing — it had used its strong teeth to cut the leash. The target audience were all dog owners. They pay special attention to these hooks outside supermarkets, especially when they see a leash. On the leash one could read. Dental care with bite. Daily Pedigree Dentastix.”

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Zürich, Switzerland
Executive Creative Director: Magnus Sambo
Creative Director: Frederick Rossmann
Editor: Simon Smit
Art Director: Ondrej Maczko
Graphics: Johannes Doering
Account Manager: Lanny Cresta


jackblack's picture
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Hmmm... I want to like this. I really do. Hmm....

kleenex's picture
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Not so sure on this.

ItMatters's picture
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idea is not bad but do i want my dog to bite the leash off?

kalpesh78's picture
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no. this does not work. too much to think. except for those 4 people everyone will just ignore it.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

bate_palmas's picture
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Cant imagine this being very effective, since no-one will notice it.

LittleJoe's picture
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I'm not sure anyone can understand the concept... there are so many dogs food brands gadgets, it seems a train has run over a dog...

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