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ewww, imagine just after 3-4 days... MOL-DY!!

... its already been done...

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Dude, it might go off after a few days but the idea will stand the test of time.

It's not easy getting good stuff up for skin care products.

Well done.

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Bundy Agency
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I'd argue that this really isn't that good,

unlike on your cannibal island, we dont regularly eat our skin,
i understand the natural ingredient aspect but think the line will still miss its mark with your average everyday woman
anyway just my opinion

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this actually took them 6 months to build, im not sure if those peaches are real. It's summer in Australia and I'm sure they wouldn't spend so much money for two or three days. Nonetheless, it's a great idea and good for the brand. The model is actually a popular hot chick. here's the website and the 'making of' if you're interested http://www.ellabache.com.au/winnewskin/?promoref=ella943290fdsl

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Bundy Agency
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It lasted 10 days

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it's a nice fruit scuplture. That's all.

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That's what I think when I see someone with good skin. Mmm, I'd like a hunk of that on a bagel. Yeesh.

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