November 2010
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While listening to your music in the car, people have the tendency to drive too fast. This makes the risk of accidents much higher. Happiness Brussels created an app for OVK that slows down your music when you drive too fast. This way you are reminded to slow down too, in order to avoid an accident. Download the app for free:

Advertising Agency: Happiness, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Creation: Carl Hansenne, Naim Baddich, Patrick Glorieux
Programming: Lucky Frames

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Whether or not this idea works or doesn't in the real world, it is a pretty cool idea. Perhaps it would need another ad as part of a larger campaign to tie it back to this one, or encourage people to download this app. In the real world, this may not work on its own, but nonetheless, cool concept.

PS: Sirvan is angry. Dot is racist. What a great industry we work in.



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