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pretty good. not telling so much about the advantages of the product, but good and funny

Jumo's picture
592 pencils

The advantages of the product is to highlight the chinese girls' advantages !!

Art Director FP7 Morocco

mauricechike's picture
42 pencils

CRE8IVE: Aside from the bra...i think i get the genuine product that's actually on sale here...don't you?


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1838 pencils

I think it works!

Nice and funny!

Is well placed to stimulate conversation amongst the target audience.

We're going to need more lube.

Barkach's picture
200 pencils

I think its no fake, good but quite hard to place.

Ed Mintone's picture
Ed Mintone
585 pencils

That the breast ad I've seen in hours.

CC3's picture

pretty goofy. Obviously conceived by guys.

Guest's picture

on off. To much effort for a so so joke if you ask me....

stef's picture

Isn't the point of a bra to support the "boobage"? Also, I imagine that an "A" cup would fit in this space, but what if you had "DD"s? I'm not sure your girls would fit in the space.

I guess it is a nice idea (especially for the guys), but fails in my book.

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YAWN! Boring and redundant. Not even funny, and not even clear on what's being sold. The only way I see this working is if the product recognition is already high. Since I neither buy a lot of tables or bras; I acknowledge that I probably was not intended to get it right away anyway. Well, maybe I over spoke... This weekend I spent 30 minutes alone looking at unsexy women's underware that would be the most comfortable granny panties for my pregnant wife. This add would have been a nice diversion...


1838 pencils

It say's 'Pam's - Push up bras'.

I think thats fairly clear.

We're going to need more lube.

proverbialthought's picture
278 pencils

You're an ad guy and I trust you were classically trained. Is that black wording clearly visible enough to the average casual consumer who is flipping through their Cosmo magazine. No... Thus, unless you are looking at the ad to critique it you might completely miss it.

The goal of advertising isn't to mask what you are selling or to send mixed messages about what you are saying. The actual product is not nearly prominent enough. Especially since it is arguable that the major focus of the ad is on the table design... To the casual consumer it is NOT that clear.


1838 pencils

Did I deserve that patronising tirade? I think not...

Ah you're defensive now 'cos you feel stupid.

Why is it every other user on this site speaks condescendingly, like they are speaking to a dog, or a child or something? You're usually the same ones who do shit ads that speak to people the same way.

Step off your high horse and realise - the 'average consumer' will not be 'flipping through their Cosmo' they will be sitting at the table; this is ambient. It is a few inches away; they won't miss it, they will be sitting right in front of it. A captive audience. Probably with a group of other women, then they will discuss it and have a laugh. Mission accomplished! There's something seriously wrong if you missed that.

And don't tell me what 'the goal of advertising is' like you wrote the book. I am not 'classically trained' as you 'trust' and nor should I have been, since it appears to breed an undeserved arrogance. I surprisingly got my job over lots of others who did go to ad school; their work was shit, limited by all the pitfalls and advertising cliché’s and baggage they trip themselves up on, worst of all their own arrogance. Thinking you are so clever, and everyone else is stupid, how is that the right attitude when trying to communicate? It isn't. It makes the work insincere and that’s why everyone hates ads.

If I were a genius like you seem to think you are, I wouldn't be doing this and neither would you since its only a job, and its not even that hard... I get really tired by all the creatives who think they are so clever.

It’s only an ad. This one is pretty average. But you would see the words 'Push up bra'.

'Designers and Marketers are among the least intellectual people I commune with.'? I completely agree.

We're going to need more lube.

proverbialthought's picture
278 pencils

I really like your attitude and drive. Seriously, that is not sarcasm. Maybe I will look up your profile and share with you what I do for a living and your opinions about me might be slightly altered, but I certainly cannot share it here. Anyway, I relate to your feelings, and that has been the reasons for the "sacrifices" I have made in my career. I have taken extreme measure to make a living while working for a controlled group of organizations that help. In many ways I am in direct competition with many of the ads here and I will leave it at that.

As for my tone, it's hard to talk with just written words, and I am not here to offend per se; just her to discuss and keep an eye on the marketing community; keep abreast (pun intended) on what is going on now. We'll talk.


1838 pencils

Er, okay cool.

Look forward to hearing from you.


We're going to need more lube.

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billy Hill

Look, it's a wonerbra ad! wow!

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amit parekh
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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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i love staring at the.... i stare at it for a long time.

breast guillotine

Arnold Santillan

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So all the women there are same height if their breast perfectly lines up with the cut outs.


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