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"This outdoor ad is created by piercing a metal sheet with laser." - You don't get to explain your ads to people when they run. To me, this looks like a bad neon sign. Sorry DDB, maybe next time.

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But you do award show judges, I s'pose.

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have a closer look at the pictures brandon, it really looks lasered or at least welded.

i think this kicks ass when you see it in the streets

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Juan Carlos Labbé
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mmm... why do nike make shoes with laser technology? My guess is to get sharper cuts on the different pieaces, an clearly the way it's executed here it does not reflect that.

addyhoch10, you're right... it looks welded, but not cutting edge laser technique.

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i admit i know nothing about welding or lasering.
it just made sense to me at first view.
you're right, laser edges would be more accurate.

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yeah, lasers should be straight and precise. if it's about precision, there are lots of things you can do.

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this is obviously 100% execution.
but i think its strong enough to carry it through.
wish i was in paris to see it.
but then, the food sucks.

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i was agree to Juan & act
it look like some lousy welded job instead of laser.

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It looks interesting to me. I think the view catches the eye...
Anyway the size is impressing so it has to (independent of the execution :))

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