Outdoor Marilyn Monroe

Ströer Out-of-Home Media, one of the major outdoor advertising companies, launched a “Live billboard” performance in Warsaw, Poland. The happening’s aim was to show the unlimited creativity in outdoor advertising. The performance took place in the center of Warsaw. Marilyn Monroe cropped up on the top of the super scroll (a board with scrolling face, which allows up to three themes per carrier). A face of a man was put at each theme. The man plays around with Marilyn, who greets him and strolls on the billboard. The “grande finale” takes place when the man blows and Marilyn’s dress rises into the air, which refers to the classic movie scene (“The seven year itch”).

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Warsaw, Poland

October 2007


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Very very nice, but not Readable(people will not think about the idea)

Me is vipin

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is it real person??
how the "blow" work???


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real person, and no safety application. poland bravo

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this marylyn must have been shit scared at that height

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no safety application, draughty heights, cold wind blown right under the skirt, no pee breaks...
tough job, no doubt.
i think the guy looks a bit too much like a drunk dosser. but maybe it's just the 'living-outdoor.pl' - line...

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Doesn't look anything like Marilyn, so it just looks like some man looking up a woman's dress. Which is a bit perverted, and not that creative.

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