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This giant billboard was placed on two different locations. One on 'Strandboulevarden' (big busy road in Copenhagen) and the
second at 'Strøget' (Copenhagen shopping district). Both of them were placed on actual buildings owned by Oskar Jensen,
that are to be rented out.

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I thought people only use this way to advertised vacant rooms or apartments?
And what is up with the hypenation?


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looks pretty cold in copenhagen..

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A.G. Pennypacker
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I like this idea a lot.

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nice idea. Surely makes people to look at the pieces with phone number.

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Well hopefully this ran?? but the pic here is photoshopped for sure. Check out the black type & blue logo Oskar logo no snow flakes are on them yet the blue on the Sondags logo has heaps of snow flakes.

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Hi marco. Yes it ran for sure. This is just a translated version. The original is in Danish. Hence the photoshoped look

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Yeah, I've seen this as well in Copenhagen. Even though I'm not the greatest fan of this (not bad, just doesn't get my juices going), I can assure you guys that it actually ran.

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neil levy

nice. but i have a question maybe someone can answer (hopefully the creatives who did the concept). what is the purpose of making it so big. i get it on some level, it's supposed to get attention. but wouldn't putting thousands of small ones on the building do the same thing? i'm not saying that's a good idea (what i suggested) i'm simply wondering why you decided to make it bigger. because if the only reason was that usually they are small (these sorts of signs) then i wonder if that's a great creative decision. scale usually has a purpose within a concept. for instance, crispin did some work in the one show a while back for mini where they made giant larger than life garbage cans and put mini's next to them to show how mini cooper makes everything else look big. in that case, scale is important to the idea (making a gigantic garbage can to put next to the mini). how does it help here? anyone?....

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Dear Neil

These type of "homemade" posters in A4 or letter size are usually about renting out a small flat or a regular office space. In this case, Oskar Jensen Property Development rented out a huge office space, up to 80.000m2. To communicate this we printed the message on huge posters. Big office, big poster.

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the Pun-isher
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I get it. I dig it.Wish I'd done it

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Neil Levy
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neil levy
hey morris,
thanks for the explanation. sometimes with things done in different countries, it helps to have a little more background on the creative.
be well,

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I live in copenhagen, and is walking on "Stroget" every day... never saw it!!! But the idea is great!!!

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If I have a property and thinking about building an apartment complex, what would be the steps in doing so?

Thank you.

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