Ortobom Matress: Wanna sleep?

Innovative TV media slot. During the wee hours, as soon as the “color bar” that announces the end of the programming starts, the agency will air the lettering for Ortobom (it’s a mattress factory) which reads: “Wanna sleep? www.ortobom.com.br”. The background for the lettering is the color bar itself.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro
Art Director: Fernando Barcellos
Copywriter: Bruno Pinaud
Creative Directors: Fernando Barcellos


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cool. original use of the media.

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Been done, sorry.

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where, when, who did it? send us a link.
i never saw.

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Nice. I don't like "Wanna sleep?" very much (whoever's still up probably wants someone talking to them nicely, like "Need to get some sleep?" or "Visit us an we'll get you to sleep" or something), but it may just be lost in translation.

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totally agree on that!

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Really nice... keep it simple.

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This is a print ad on it's own. It's cool!

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This is fake. I live in Brazil and these colorbars aren´t used anymore.

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ei, muxa, no último domingo a Globo anunciou "manutenção técnica de nossos transmissores" e entrou a famigerada tarja colorida.
é, para cerca de 90% dos brasileiros que só assistem TV aberta, ela ainda existe.
tenho TV a cabo, mas precisamos ver, também, o que o nosso target vê, você não acha?

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I live in Brazil. Yes, the colorbars still exists on open TV. Man, stop watching only cable tv.

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means there is no place for empty on air time

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good. but long time no see it on the tv, nowadays, 24hours tv on show........

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