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Advertising No Jutsu!! Cool idea

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Attention grabbing alright. but "you will never be the same" plus connection to a restaurant seems very random.

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Fun and unexpected. Sadly, the line fails to tie clearly into the concept.

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that 80% spike is a good indicator that this campaign was successful, though I doubt that increase in patronage is sustainable. still, an interesting and fun campaign. I do agree with "Wordnerd" that the copy is a bit weird. while I can imagine a situation where the food was so good at a restaurant that I would never be the same again, I can also imagine an instance where the food clashed harshly with my body resulting in...well an unhappy customer.

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Today is Brilliant
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This is a fun idea that at least produced some short-term results. I like it, however I also agree that "You will never be the same" is not something I'd want to hear from a restaurant. What if the reason I wouldn't be the same was because one of their throwing stars chopped off one of my fingers?

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I like this. Shuriken's truly Japanese and it's not useless, it's a ticket to a free drink! Yay.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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nice idea but i wouldn't want anyone touching my car or sticking things on it.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Mr. Green
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Old idea for a fake client. Why did they come up with this?

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