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I can see that it was effective, and I hate to rain on the idea, but if I wasn't a fat person, and I wanted to look at the map this would piss me off no end, cos the giant red circle would be blotting the surroundng area of where I was, also, I don't necessarily associate 'size' with fatness; shaq is 26 stone, but he's not fat, just big. Also you get fat small people etc.

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yes, but its for fat people, and should they kill the idea because skinny/normal people couldn't read where they are standing. no way.

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Beacuse it would piss them off, and so look negatively on their brand, product and service. Also, a fat person may also want to see the map, perhaps it would piss them off too and they would resent the message not buy into it.

Don't get me wrong, its not awful, but it has flaws so its not great; why do something ok when you can do something great?

No-one wants to piss people off. Bad for business.

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andrej dwin
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they should have killed it.
no matter whether you're fat or not, if you wanted to see something on the map that is covered, it'd piss you off and you'd start to hate the brand.
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this is creative: transfering pop-up-ads into the analog world. it's even better because you can't click this annoying thing away in this case.
whats next? billboards in front of the screen in cinemas? Nice full-sized stickers on my cars front window (works great for navigation systems or car inssurance). Okay, i'll walk instead. Don't wanna miss this new promotion in the city, with some nice hostesses beating you up with bottles of lemonade.

well most likely the stickers just stuck there to take these pictures. but next time more sensitive please, ads are annoying enough. no need to push the limits in this subject.

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I totally agree. And your suggestions really made me smile. (What about stickers for traffic lights ("Drunk Driving is as dangerous")?)

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Have Heart
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Despite the fact it's a bit annoying I live the idea.

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Have Heart
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I've seen better ideas using the public map. its an ok idea.

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hmm...something familiar with mercedes ads?
been posted on AoTW.

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I think the idea would irritate some people, but it makes use of the medium quite well. I think its aimed at all people rather than just fat people.

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It worked, that´s what matters.

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i love the idea...but i thought mainly tourists are using i wrong ?

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another fake from germany. Why is it in english? You NEVER see english advertising in Germany (unless its in an expat magazine), ive been there enough times.

Also German government would never let you put a huge sticker like that on top of a public map.

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Good point.
Never mind, may inspire some turkey to develop a 'brilliant' Viagra campaign.

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c'mon guys - it's funny and it worked. who cares if it pissed off some wayward tourists? shouldn't we be trying to be disruptive?

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the sticker is blocking the map... nice idea, but...

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also another point is if the map is for tourists than a local living in that city would never see it.
Are they attracting tourists to join a gym??

I hate creative ads for the sake of creativity, no thought of target audience. Besides this was a fake.

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it's funy, did it really work?